About Us

             Brij Bhumi is that pious land where Bhagwan Shri Krishna overwhelmed Brijwasis (residents of Brij Bhoomi) with his child hood activities ( LILAS). The Parikrama of Brij Bhoomi had many Pious places from where Bhgwan Shri Krishna had given messages of Karmyoga through his LILAS.

 Vrindavan is existed in the centre of that great land which inspire many great saints and philosophers and has also Kalidah the place where HE enslaved the king of poisonous snake (Naga) in the midst of Kalindi (Yamuna River) besides making each one of the thousands of Gopikas to think themselves as Radha.

“BANSURI” the cultural society of this great land of Brij Bhoomi has been spreading Vaishnavite cult of Shri Krishna through dramatic art – Live Shows - from many years in all parts of India. This is Cultural organ of “Shri Ganga Lok Kalyan Seva Sansthan” Shri Ganga Mandir Atkhamba Vrindavan, District Mathura in the State of UP (Registered under Societies Act).